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Be Active

Being more active can be a big step towards a more healthy lifestyle for you and those around you. Whether you would rather walk the dog, do the house work, dance in your living room, move about more at work; choosing to do more can contribute to you becoming more active. The aim is: move more, sit less.

Only 1 in 20 people are actually doing the right amount of activity each week.

The recommendations are:

  • 150 minutes for adults
  • 60 minutes every day for children aged 5-16
  • 3 hours of activity a day for under 5's

The recommended activity needs to be moderate e.g. making you sweat and raising body temperature whilst still be able to carry out a conversation. If you start to get too breathlessness slow down or stop your activity. Please see a doctor if starting new exercise for the first time

Being active is important for your health, it strengthens your heart and lungs, reduce the risk of chronic illness such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and cancers. Exercise makes you feel better, strengthens bone and joints, helps reduce tension and relieve stress. The list is endless. Above all it can be done free!

Top tips on getting more active

Walking – Go out for a walk at lunchtime, walk the dog more often. Try interval walking – use lampposts as a guide to increase intensity. Walk to one and brisk walk to the next. Invite a friend or family member to encourage a regular activity.

10 minute challenge – challenge work colleagues, your children, family or friends to introducing 10 minutes of activity into their day.

Dancing – put on the radio or favourite music channel on the TV and dance to the songs.

Housework with a twist – have a game with your family members on who can clean a room the fastest, choose chores and then link them together e.g. window cleaning, mirrors, skirting boards, doors in a room.

Cycling – cycle to work, cycle during your lunch break, or go out with the kids on their bikes at the weekend.

Gardening – planting veggies, mowing the grass, weeding and digging can all contribute to your moderate activity. A Place To Grow is our local community garden where you can come along and garden whilst enjoying a friendly social atmosphere.

Home or Away - take up a new sport or activity at home or at a sports club. Try football in the park or swimming at your local leisure centre. Visit local bargain basement stores they often sell cheap fitness kit like badminton sets, crickets sets, baseball sets for as little as £0.99

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