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You can go to a Keep Safe Place if you're out and about and need to go somewhere to feel safe or get help for a few minutes.

Keep Safe Places will:

  • Give you somewhere safe to go if you're feeling upset, scared or need help
  • Call or help you call someone to help you (eg a friend, carer, relative, police or emergency services)

If you have a Keep Safe Card you should show this to the staff.

Keep Safe Card

You can get a Keep Safe Card which you can write all your important information on, such as:

  • Your name
  • Contact details of someone that can be called if you're in an emergency
  • Your medical conditions
  • Details of any medication that you are taking

You should carry your Keep Safe Card with you when you're out. If you need help the emergency services or Keep Safe Place will check to see if you have a card.

Get a card

You can get a Keep Safe Card from police stations and council offices. In Blaby District these are located at our main reception desk.

Keep Safe Places

  • Age UK, 4 Forge Corner, Blaby, LE8 4FZ
  • Age UK Blaby Furniture Shop, 3 St Johns Court, Blaby, LE8 4DJ
  • Blaby District Council, Main offices, Desford Road, Narborough, LE19 2EP
  • Blaby Parish Centre, Blaby Civic Centre, 22-24 Leicester Road, Blaby, LE8 4GQ
  • Blaby Library, Lutterworth Road, Blaby, LE8 4DW
  • Braunstone Civic Centre, Kingsway Braunstone Town Council, LE3 2PP
  • Braunstone Library, Kingsway Braunstone Town Council, LE3 2PP
  • Glenfield Library, Sandown Court, Glenfield, LE3 8BT

For more information, opening times and other districts in Leicestershire please contact Leicestershire County Council Community Safety Team:-